American Natives and Slavs. We react Spiritual and Energy Bridge between our Peoples


    On the basis of the available sources of knowledge about our Ancestors, we can already - having rejected Babylonian and Masonic scams - think of them with pride, tenderness and gratitude. We already know that with their abilities and sense of beauty they made a wonderful work of creation. They were doing that all as a spiritual, devoted Parents, as architects, constructors, builders, creators of laws and customs ... There still remains to verify a compelling issue of military disasters, all the way from the threshold between the officially established (and therefore rightly dubious) ancient and modern eras. Even our Lehian/Lehitic (Polish-Slavic profiled) forums often justify the fall of Free Slavicism, among other things, with the naivety of their Ancestors, their childlike trust and openness towards strangers. Is it really so?

    The same is written about the Natives and the reasons for the fall of their great, independent culture: naive, inclined to accept beads and alcohol, too technologically backward to repel the aggressive troops of Europeans. Consider this - is it possible that the peoples shaping their Vedas over the centuries, passing on wisdom and warnings from generation to generation, could also act foolishly, with an extreme lack of vigilance and foreseeing consequences? After all, there is something fishy with that. As Slavs as American Natives were more than brave tribes rushing at the enemy with spears and axes. They had a Vedas and had a link to the Source. They had witches, shamans, screamers, sorcerers, clairvoyants. They used methods of self-protection, they used energies, erected buildings generating rings of energy reflecting the strikes of unconventional weapons and demonic attacks.
    So how does this relate to accepting beads and declarations of friendship from newcomers with whom the wolf stared out of their eyes? How does this relate to opening the gates to aggressors? Even most of us can see, instantly feel a man who has impure intentions, vibrates low, is attached, does not resonate with our aura and values ​​- not to mention the ancestors' ability.

    The assumption that at least the most talented among Natives and Slavs magicians, chiefs, witches - could not read the intentions and consequences of interactions with new forces on their continents, there is no basis except those contained in the publications of the system. Which, like mantras, repeat that the Slavs and Natives were backward - despite their bizarre bravery - naive, prone to quarrels, internal shattering and addictions. This is how our perception and evaluation of systemic messages shape.

    It's time to finally stop accepting uncritically academic versions of the history of the Slavs, American Natives and all peoples of the Earth - because we already know that the current repressive system was constructed on lies, robbery, executions and occupation. We have a completely different spectrum of knowledge about the real aggressors of the planet, about real scriptwriters and directors of all wars. There is no reason to assume that the Ancestors had some low level of intelligence. You could say: "But it is enough that they lacked experience. This experience stimulates distrust, vigilance and improves arsenals." Experience is important, but so is the intuition, feeling/reading the informations from Space/Higher Self - thanks to the connection with Nature and the Higher Self, it provides access to timeless knowledge.

    Experience, however - the Ancestors also had used. Artifacts and chronicles are flowing out in abundance, as well as our freed abilities of sensing past events - they say that the history provided by the system is false, manipulative and audacious milled down with specks of truth, or two hundred years, a thousand years of dignity and wisdom. And most of all: giving up freedom and the will to live. Which is the same for the Slavs.

    Could diseases, such as the planted germs (for example in the blankets given to the Natives), decimate the tribes by millions? Because the Indian world was a world of millions. In addition, millions of healthy, energetic, contemplating and highly vibrating Divine Beings. This is how it is presented to us, as well as the mysterious disappearance of the ancient Hyperborean, Aryan, and finally Lehian families - basically to zero, it is explained by floods, wars, deportations, repressions.

    When you think about it, think with courage, reason, and finally reach for the Ancestors with your heart - there is no doubt that a great curtain of falsehood has been hung over all of this. This is confirmed by artifacts - they will soon burst out loud. While some must be taken as alien fakes in order to steer the consciousness of Humanity, many are genuine remnants of distant relatives. Who knew that in due course they would come into our hands with message and energy to support awakening.

    The great wave of disclosures is already underway, we've written about it many times, and you can see it all around. However, it is good to assume that the greatest blows of this wave are yet to come, so it is good to assume, with the calmness and flexibility of common Slavic reason, that history is either quite a bit or even colossal.

    If the Earthlings were repeatedly reseted to collapse their "too loose" comfort of life, technology, enlightenment to bring them to their knees in the next great cataclysms or fratricidal wars (the last wars on Earth were fratricidal games driven by the extraterrestrial core of the Jesuit Order), that is that many of the "obviousness" contained in the official history may not be there. It may not have been the North-South War, for example, but a great hundreds of years of European invasion (led by hybrids and aliens from a satanic nest in London) against Natives.
    So it might not be that the Natives were fooled, drunk and poisoned in blinking. This wise, noble, Earth Guard race, so close to us, bravely and long-term repelled aggression, facing not only the cruelty of hybrid armies, but also occult attacks. The Natives'es resistance, noble and tactically wise, was not a matter of hundreds of years - but many thousands. And, of course, decisive for that whole said result could be the (erased from the memory of mankind) Big Reset that destroyed Great Tartaria too. It will be beneficial for our Balance to assume this at least as a possible variant of events - an open mind will perfectly absorb the avalanche of events that already hangs over us and will overwhelm many souls.

    We the Poles, (Lehits, the Lahs) and the whole Free Slavic region had to face the same thing. Thousands of years of conscious resistance against the invasion of the demonic cosmic races, based on strength of heart, devotion to the Creator, tactical wisdom, wonderful creation (engineering and energy control). Reptilians or Dracons had already seen and recognized our distant Ancestors, who called them skeletons. Our Ancestors, like the Natives, had no place in their hearts for submission and betrayal of divine values. They were fearless and protected what they loved.
    This look at the past changes everything immediately. It allows you to accept it - this trauma that unites and still vibrates for our souls - and to understand all the causes and consequences. The beautiful world of human cultures was not a world of fools prone to incomprehensible self-destruction, to deny the laws of God and the Creator himself - therefore it was not a world of people willing to surrender to Lucifer. And this is the very essence of our nature of the Divine Beings, and the very essence of everything that explains our present condition. The fall of humanity pushed into the dark, slave Matrix was a remarkably long operation of extraterrestrial demonic forces. You cannot overcome or kill light in humans in two weeks, or in two centuries even. It took many thousands of years. During this time, our DNA, potentials, consciousness were degraded and we were all encompassed by the overwhelming energy of personal, ancestral and racial traumas. The great trauma spread over all deluded mankind.
    The Great Free Slavic Land, the world of radiant, beautiful, wise, alert and joyful Ancestors, was based for a long time in its exquisitely designed fortress cities. After all, they succumbed, and one might look at it resignedly as a final and hopeless defeat, were it not for what is happening now. Humanity gets up from its knees and demands the Vedas, not holograms. It demands freedom and rights, and the dark forces are retreating. Our Ancestors have survived - because they are in us. We returned with the blessing of the Source for ours. When we think of ancient relatives, let us know that many of us are them. The are back - we are back to heal the Earth. This is why traumas about the power of phantoms vibrate in our hearts, but also and therefore our determination, Veda, light and Power grow rapidly in us. We know what to do.
    More and more Vedas arise in us from within, the need to seek advice and information from others diminishes. It is the right process that heralds true human freedom. More and more Poles repair their families, heal the space around them, remove traumas from themselves and others. The community of hearts proper to the Slavs is being subtly rebuilt. A similar process is taking place among the Natives, they may be more advanced in it as persistent performers of healing rituals for the entire planet, and as messengers of the Vedas for all mankind. The spiritual strength of the Natives of both Americas proves the same as the indissoluble devotion of the Slavs to freedom - the inevitable victory of divine laws over all others. When you watch American programs on the displacement of demonic forces from many family homes on TV, you can see how many so-called exorcists are simply Natives'es shamans. This shows who and what has the real power to drive Darkness out of the Earth.
    We Slavs have a lot in common with Natives. The invaders of the planet immediately knew who was its Guard and what Power it had. Therefore, a particular increase in the resets and degeneration of DNA reached our races, which are closer to each other than we used to think. The common element between us is so strong, it connects so much that when you realize it - you can be lost in emotion.

    American Natives and Slavs even happened to be direct neighbors, friendly, affectionate, supportive and exchanging information - in several hidden epochs of our world. It is likely that we lived together in harmony even on the continent of Mu. Although the forces of darkness successively destroyed humanity biologically, genetically and spiritually, eventually depriving the Slavs, Natives and other indigenous races (divine seed) of abilities at the level of the Jedi Knights - nevertheless inconspicuous, yet magically resonating customs survived in them. And we have many of them in common. The common divine element between our peoples is so strong that so many of us Slavs could feel great in Natives costumes and listen to their singing, as many Natives would enjoy our clothes and native mantras and pride.


    1. There was no doubt that our ancient races had the same level of awarness for clothing importance (fluence). The fact that its cut and design generate various energies stimulate vibration, health and even consciousness. That the garment of a decent and intelligent being should resonate with these values, which applies to both women and men. Contrary to today's programmed tendencies (fashion is a mind control program), the Ancestors never wore tight-fitting clothes (disturbances in the circulation of energy, fertility, health, loss of strength), holes, tattered, denuding and tempting (underestimating their dignity and will), or poor in patterns and colors (underestimating the power of creation, free will, joy of life, sense of divine origin).
    2. The Natives and Slavs did not eat in restaurants, but ate in family circles, often from a common vessel. The power of the Circle is at work in all of this application. When it comes to nutrition, it not only strengthens bonds, but also synchronizes the vibration level of family members. The functioning of the Family was also based on the Circle: Native and Slavic women circled (acted, created) around the Inner Circle - the House, caring for the protection of Children, fire, food, clothes, harmony, Men circled around the Outer Circle - taking care of providing food, tools, materials (fuel, construction, own and neighborhood repairs), protection of the House, Family, Children. It created absolute harmony, yin-yang, and at the same time satisfied everyone in the creation and evolution of the soul.
     3. Braiding the braids connected - and still unites - aware Native and Slavic women. If in the Slavic women it translated into the energies of the three worlds (dimensions: Navii, Pravii and Javii, which had a harmonizing effect, then in the case of Native women it had an appropriate substitute, since no activity in the native races, especially when practiced regularly, was an unproductive accident. Long hair also characterized men of both races - it was a sign of awareness, a link with the Source's information, a generator of strength and charisma.
     4. Both the Slavs and the Natives used similar rituals before going into battle or a war campaign. Warriors affirmed their weapons, and took additional mental and physical strength from Nature (the Lehits, Russians/Etrusks embraced oaks). Their clothes were specially prepared by Mothers and Wives for protection; contain appropriate design. Additionally, the women hung heavily programmed amulets on the breasts of the outgoing warriors, and placed their hands on their hearts, blessing them with love. The affirmations, mantras, and protective chants of the women lined up in the Circle accompanied their husbands and sons long while they were on the march, and even when they had already entered the fight.
    5. Bonfires were a ritual performed in the Circle and had more strong energetic impact on virtually all aspects of life. His destiny depended on circumstances and intentions. These could be initiations, rituals of cleansing, healing (of someone sick, attached, or of the affairs of the entire Family, tribe), or joyful celebration. The fire often combined contemplation with chanting and dancing.
     6. Both races were aware of the Power of sound and the importance of frequencies for strength, reason, health, and Balance. In so many books about Natives and Slavs, we read that imitation of sounds was a hallmark in the case of an attack or retreat from battle and in other situations. Such dedication to the matter is another shallowing of our Ancestors' reason and Vedas. Mastering sounds had a much deeper application and resonance. Every Native and every Slav, even Children, knew that proper articulation gives strength, influences matter, harmonizes the body, and so on. In our time of manipulative academic science, hardly anyone has even deciphered the fact that the sounds mastered by Bruce Lee greatly stimulated his strokes, making them electrifying and virtually irresistible, and by the way - they proved the Vedas he had achieved...
     7. For both, the Slavs and the Natives, the Child was regarded as the supreme Gift. It was enjoyed not only by the couple and the Family - but by the entire settlement. The child was a celebration, gift, joy, value celebrated together. And child was never an orphan for a moment - if the Parents passed away prematurely, immediately a Family would invite the Child to their home, treating it as a distinction.
    There were many more common customs: treating childbirth as an intimate and sacred ritual of accepting the divine gift of Life, which women from the Family were taking care of, never men, "doctors", using family/clann's and tribal totems, or young people's lonely trips to natural enclaves, geomantic points, energy centers - in order to entering a trance and obtaining information from the Source. All of these sacred, divine, welfare and freedom-preserving practices for mankind were ultimately driven out of the habits and consciousness of the indigenous peoples in arduous wars. In the face of technology, cruelty, occultism and satanic perfidy and cunning of the enemy, this brought down even the most eminent citadels of Slavic Tartaria. Without these (and other) rituals and customs, Humanity has been robbed of its Power and consciousness, deceived and enslaved, and reduced to what we all already see: the state of the ubiquitous program of self-destruction.
    Needless to say, the fate of the Natives, even if not everyone could explain it to themselves, has always been close to us. The fall of the red race gripped Slavic hearts. However, today we can look at the Natives with even more empathy, respect and gratitude than before. Their noble bravery for maintaining the divine order on the planet is a virtue that vibrates in the soul of every Slav. Our Brothers in the Guard (like our Ancestors) brought a lot of light to the common world. If we felt fully how much effort they put into protecting their rights, values, families, children - the most sensitive of us would cry.

    And let us emphasize with gratitude that just as we came out of the darkness, preserving and carrying the Veda thanks to the Guardians and the concealed resources of the last Houses, they, in their secret wisdom, passed through it, doing a tremendous work for themselves, for us and for all manifestations of life. on the ground. Continuously, over the centuries, and still so far, the American Natives Vedic Guardians have performed magical rituals to purify, raise vibration and awareness. Their resonance has worked and is also working for us.
    Why we were supposed to lose our wars? As we already know, they were designed by Jesuits from the Vatican nest, the core of the occupation races devoted to Lucifer. All wars and resets have always been a project of alien races without divine light. So the course of the war, winner and loser, and all its consequences were predetermined. Certainly no one wished wars to be won by the races that had long resisted hybridization, bearing with stubbornness and devotion the divine virtues in their genes, in holy blood, in their hearts. Such winners would not shoot the prisoners, they would not annihilate the cities to the basement level, they would not perform satanic rituals on the defeated (the slaughter of Warsaw district Wola, the slaughter of Chinese Nanjing, concentration camps). They wouldn't raise their hand to the Child. Wars and cataclysms were perfidiously calculated to slay as many Human Beings as possible. In these processes Families/Clanns, DNA, abilities, links with the Source were blurred, and more and more occupants and hybrids dressed as humans were increasing, and the planet was losing more and more light. The weight of the trauma has therefore pinned all the Houses and strains of our races, our lands have been plundered and also deformed by negatively vibrating places of torment and demonic rituals. The land without Guard was transformed into a great prison of despair where huge numbers of Children were harmed every day.
    And yet the question is - have we really lost our wars? Despite wounds, losses, delusions, and generational traumas - it turned out that the souls born of the Creator are indestructible. Wiping the most beautiful cities off the surface, plundering goods and technology, falsifying knowledge, controlling demons, Satanists and Babylonian priests, mind control programs and degenerating entire generations with the false benefits of medicine - were not enough to make mankind disappear. Humanity is getting up. The Veda was stored by the Planet Guardians (in America, Russia, Belarus, Poland, in da Vinci arts... just everywhere, if we want to see), the most important and indelible records of souls, the true values ​​- transferred in hearts, in DNA. Finally, we turn out to be winners, who are time to take away the full rights, freedoms, skills and decision-making for their existence and the world.

    It's time for us to rebuild the HEALTH of the families, countries and the planet. Time to clean up and create beautifully with God's blessing.
    This article and the Message for the Cooperation of Natives and Slavs will be sent to dozens of American tribal associations and dozens of associations of the Nations of the Slavic Community. We ask every soul that is touched to send out the Message for the Reconstruction of the Common Guard Bridge. Commitment does not have to be complicated and time-consuming: the mere sending of intentions and blessings into Space fuels our common projects for the Equilibrium of the Earth.

    It is also worth inviting all Nations and Indigenous Races of the Earth to cooperate - the planet is a common value. It is the Home of All Divine Beings. Let it happen.
    With love and gratitude to all the Natives of our world -


Arkady Fiedler's novel A Little Bison touched the hearts of thousands of Poles:

As the Slavic longing and conscious soul can do, Arkady Fiedler led his Readers with the utmost sensitivity between the two worlds: Free - and Captive Natives. The feeling of intertwining delight with sadness accompanies each illustration, photo and story that seems to be torn apart by these two worlds...
... I was born on the border of two great prairie periods, the Native's period and the white man's period ...

I was still very happy at my youth ...

A rare, historical photograph of the last Blackfeet camp in the wild.
 ...detachment from the Nest, from the Parents, from Nature and its Spirit, from loved and Felt (read with the heart) customs and values, cut hair, break dignity, take away the sense of value and strength, sew in fear, underestimate the Vedas and awareness, humiliation - that is, THE ABDUCTION and drowning of Children and entire Native Clanns in the ocean of traumas:

...We have not been spared humiliation. He was ordered to cut long hair...

Charisma is a modern term. Thousands of years ago, this word was not in the language of Natives and Slavs, because "charismatic", that is, confident in his values ​​and Strength, aware of his abilities and goals, joyful and creative - there was every single Free Man:

Solitary contemplation in the strong energies of Nature or Fire answered all questions and harmonized the body with the soul:

As for Natives as for Slavs, the Child was the supreme gift, the culmination of the best expectations:

... and whose protection was as honorable as it was joyful:

Yin-Yang of two souls. Common Way in Love with the Natives, with the Slavs, with the Divine Beings:

Before the war expedition, definitely defensive and protective in our great-ancestors not interested in aggression and destruction - preparation meant not only the arsenal known to us, but also very important and energy shielding (second shield / armor) amulets and mantras from Wives, Sisters, Mothers; imbued with the blessing of love:

It is worth to understand what the Babylonian teachings did not tell us: before the reset, both the Slavs and the Natives built beautiful cities with harmonious architecture and versatile, healthy technology:

Portals between dimensions - pyramids - in the lands of the Slavs were buried and named mountains. The Natives'es pyramids were called altars for prayers to the gods and even for blood sacrifices, making the Aztecs and other nations Satanic killers. This is how the version of history written by the destroyers and thieves of both worlds presents it to us. Is it really true?

The Slavic Guardians of the Vedas and Truth have kept them through the darkest times not only in hidden books, but in the heart. By emigrating by the millions around the planet, consciously or subconsciously - they embedded the ether of divine laws in every corner of the world, making mental and energetic changes in the local community of people. Natives shamans constantly carried into Space blessings, affirmations of wisdom and Balance, Mantras of Awakening and New World announcements for all Humanity:

If any Slav one has an spiritual Native's element in his soul, he will react to the singing of the Natives and the sounds of their drums with touching ... Song of the Lakota Nation:
The Natives have spread all over the planet to stimulate the Wake-up call with their song and the color of their souls. Native Americans from Ecuador in Moscow:
Native Brothers awaken the whole world and can be supported materially or spiritually in this, so when you meet an Native on your way, our dear compatriot - you can thank him for everything he has done for you, for us and for the whole world.

My father learnt me to love things that others used to overmiss.
Arkady Fiedler.

We dedicate this article to Arkady Fiedler, Scribe and Messenger of Truth, Vedas and Friendship between Natives and Slavs.
C. & D

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    1. Anamiko, dzieki za kiczeri. Wreszcie wczoraj ugotowalam. Naprawde smaczne. Teraz jeszcze popracuje nad swoim zestawem przypraw. A "zaczyn" juz pecznieje w wodzie 😃

  2. A nasza wspolna przeszlosc i braterstwo siega rejonu jeziora Bajkal. Gdzie znaleziono slady naszego ale tez Indianskiego DNA(indianskiego z chyba 14 000 lat pne) bo nasze nawet starsze co jest zrozumiale skoro oni sa mieszancami naszych krewnych i ludu odmiany zoltej.
    Ale nasze DNA czesciej sie mieszaly. Jest bardzo prawdopodobne ze lud Vinca plywal do tzw Ameryki a po potopie w 2300 pne wielu zostalo tam na zawsze o czym moze swiadczyc podobienstwo np domow niektorych plemion, wyglad, zwyczaje itd. Jest prawdopodobne ze to potomkowie tych mieszancow stali za zrodem wielu cywilizacji Ameryki. Te kontakty sprzed potopu musialy byc czeste skoro Araukanie/Maucze z Ameryki Poludniowej byli tak bardzo podobni do bialych a ich zwyczaje ktore opisal Domeyko tak bardzo przypominaly nasze slowianskie (choc Domeyko nie zdawal sobie z tego sprawy opisujac spotkanie z nimi). Zaskakujace jest tez podobienstwo słów jezyka keczua a naszego (pewien polski misjonarz zna azl 300 ktore znaczyly to samo u nich co i u nas).
    Sa rzeczy ktore wiem dopiero teraz ale Indian kochalam od dziecinstwa i zaczytywalam sie w ksiazkach o nich. Zaglada ich cywilizacji to dla nas ostrzezenie, bo teraz "koce z ospa" rozdaja nam...

    1. Słowianin na uchodźstwie⚔️11 stycznia 2022 10:58

      Ludzie żyjący kiedyś na Słowacji w górach (nie wiem, jak teraz) mieli stroje bardzo podobne do indiańskich oraz warkocz.

    2. Słowianin na uchodźstwie⚔️11 stycznia 2022 11:00

      Znalazłem nawet linka

    3. Dzieki Slowianinie za tego linka. Ta opaska na czole wspolna dla nas na Slowacji nazywa sue "czelenka". Podobno gdy archeolodzy znajduja cos takiego to zaraz jest jasne ze to Slowianka bo inne ludy tego nie nosily. A Ty mi dopiero uświadomił es ze to samo, nosily Indianki.
      Gdy czytalam opis Domeyki z odwiedzin u Mapuczow to jakbym wrocila do dziecinstwa. Najbardziej mnie rozsmieszylo jak kobiety tego Indianina zmiataly ze stolkow i stolow niewidzialny pyl. Kropka w kropke jak noja babcia z dziecinstwa😃. A warkocze nosili i mezczyzni. Nawet slynny Janosik. Dlugie wlosy to byl symbol madrosci, wlosami tez sie czulo itd. I chyba cos w tym jest. Amerykanska armia ktora brala dobrych tropicieli to doszla do wniosku ze po obcieciu im wlosow tracili swoje umiejetnosci. I to nie jest zart. Te cale postrzyzyny wedlug mnie wcale nie byly obcieciem wszystkich wlosow ale tak jak u Hindusow kiedys zostawal jakis warkocz bo spotykam to w roznych czesciach swiata gdzie lud mogl byc blisko z nami spokrewniony. U nas w koncu moglo ewoluowac do 2 warkoczy bo u nas zimno. No i slynny Wirakocza jakos dziwnie warkocz przypomina. A Kukulkan kukulke.

    4. Słowianin na uchodźstwie⚔️13 stycznia 2022 09:52

      Wirakocza to brodaty bóg, a jak wiadomo Indianie nie mieli zarostu mam takie przemyślenia, że mógł być brodatym słowiańskim żeglarzem, bo jest również człowiekiem z piany morskie.

    5. Znasz to?

    6. Słowianin na uchodźstwie⚔️14 stycznia 2022 09:11

      Obiło mi się o uszy, że w Europie nie było tyle miedź, ile było na rynku teraz już wiem dokładnie, skąd wozili dzięki za linka.
      Ps. Vinca żywokost działa cuda. 😀

    7. Te podluzne prostokatne domy ktore tam budowali, te czuby na glowach np u Huronow, te kopce ze szczatkani tysiecy spalonych ludzi, symbole jajek itd to nie mogl byc przypadek ani pamiec 14 000 lat przeciez. Musial byc kontakt. I te piramidy... Schodkowe jak nasze na Kujawach chyba i co ciekawe na Wyspach Kanaryjskich choc juz wyzsze niz nasze i gigantyczne w Ameryce.
      Mnie najbardziej zszokowaly jednak domy z Machu Picchu w Andach. Niby zadnego kontaktu z nami a prostokatne z trojkatnymi szczytami i ten genialny system. Odprowadzania wod z calego wzgorza. Majstersztyk. A najlepsze sa lokalbe nazwy slynnych pamiatek z rejonu inkow Core Kanca (szczyt gory!!!) Saskajhuaman i wyobraz sobie chodzi o te slynna budowle naprawde ze skal lamanych i to z wieloma wielokatami idealnie dopasowanymi...

      A zywokost jest naprawde fantastyczny. Tez mi uleczyl noge kiedys.

    8. Długie włosy działają jak anteny i odbierają przekazy z Wszechświata.

    9. Tak anamiko. Cos w tym jest. Zwierzeta maja wąsy czuciowe. A nam gdy obetna wlosy tez dziwnie sie czujemy. Tacy bezbronni, zdezorientowani. Przezylam to kilka razy. O tych wlosach i ich magicznej wiedzy byly nawet bajki. Bohater wyruszal. Na poszukiwanie jakiegos madrego staruszka i mial zdobyc 3 jego wlosy, ktore dawaly wiedze i moc. Czyli ludzie z naszego kregu arioslowianskiego dawno sobie zdawali sprawe z ich funkcji dlatego nawet tam gdzie golono glowy zachowywano dlugi kosmyk włosów

    10. Przypomnialo mi sie jeszcze jedno. U nas gdy pierwszy raz obcinano dziecku wlosy to czesc tych wlosow zachowywano i potem zaszywano w plaszcz czy ubranie w ktorym dziecko szlo do szkoly.(reszte chyba palono). To mialo mu zapewnic madrosc. Widocznie to byl slad dawnych wierzen, gdy te wlosy byly jednym z amuletow noszonych przy sobie

    11. Słowianin na uchodźstwie⚔️16 stycznia 2022 03:56

      Długie włosy u kobiet były niezbędne do czaneligu w nazistowskiej organizacji Thule.

  3. "teraz "koce z ospa" rozdaja nam..."
    Nigdy y nie wyciągnęłam po nic mojej ręki do wroga. Teraz też mam bardzo pod górę, ale od okupanta nie chcę nic. A już na pewno wątpliwych zaszczytów i synektur.

    1. Anamiko mamy te same postawy zyciowe. Pod pojeciem koce z ospa rozumialam rozdawane u nas szpryce kupowane za rabowane na pieniadze z podatków. Indianie tez koce dostawali za rabowana im ziemie i inne bogactwa naturalne. Skutek tych "kocow" identyczny
      I mam dla Was wazna wiadomosc. Nawet politycy najwyzszego szczebla nie wiedza co sie dzieje naprawde. Oni sa tylko wynajeci do zapedzania nas do obozow i szprycowania. Jeden z glownych wlasnie odszedl. Na pewno szpryce mialy swoj udzial ale prawdziwy udzial mialo to ze leczyl sie w miejscu z gigantycznym promieniowaniem(rejon Wenecji) !!! To gorzej niz gdyby sie leczyl pod sarkofagiem w Czarnobylu... Lezac nie mial szans tego przezyc. Teraz ju rozumiem czemu oni tak vezmyslnie jezdza w rozne niebezpieczne w danej chwili miejsca, w tym na rajskie plaze.

    2. Większość urzędników stojących za szczepieniami to już pozbawieni intuicji i woli mechanicy.

  4. Czciborze i Dobromiło dziękuję za wspaniały artykuł, pełen WEDY o Nas LECHITACH i bliskim nam w WEDĘ RODU INDIAN.

    1. SłowiAnko, pozdrawiamy Cię wdzięcznie! :))

    2. O Etruskach i ich prawdopodobnie slowianskim napisie na kasku
      Ja tez wierze ze byli Slowianami.

    3. Słowianin na uchodźstwie⚔️18 stycznia 2022 03:54

      Pewnie, że Słowianie eto-ruskie.

  5. Tak ma być znów , jak na tych obrazach!
    Lechistanie, zmartwychswtan, Ojczyzno Moja. Taka jest moja Wola, tu i teraz, co podkreślam całą Mocą mojego Serca. Juz tak Jest❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Połączmy Pola Naszych Serc a gównojady przepadną w mrokach czarnych dziur. My mamy Moc❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️

  6. Słowianin na uchodźstwie⚔️18 stycznia 2022 10:27

    Vinca widziałaś, jakie strzały promieniowania są w Zagrzebiu? Dzieje się coś w Chorwacji czy jak?

    1. Sledze ciagle ale nie chce ludzi niepokoic. Gdybys widzial jakie czerwone luny byly u nas... To byla burza magnetyczna ponoc wyciek z dziury koronarnej Slonca. No i byl silny rozblysk ale nie poszedl w kierunku Ziemi czyli nie wiedza jak silny. Przedtem bylo kilka mniejszych. Wedlug mnie to KIC strzela w Slonce, do Ziemi mniej trafia. Powoli schodzimy z tych autostrad czastek lecacych do Slonca. Niestety nie wiem kiedy wschodzi Betelgeza bo goruje ok 21.30.ona tez czasami miesza.
      A kilka dni temu bylo 56 000 w Vancouver a to chyba rownoleznik Polski. No ale u nas nie ma pomiarow...

    2. Slowianinie widziales jak pokasowano historie pomiarow na gmcmap. Com? Za duzo tego przeszlo i za duzo "ognisk wirusa" z tym powiazanych. Chyba zacierali slad.
      Ciekawe ilu ludzi ktorzy byli teraz na skokach zachoruje.

  7. Słowianin na uchodźstwie⚔️22 stycznia 2022 13:34

    Nie Vinca ją z tych linków co kiedyś dałaś w tawernie to śledzę Radmon. Org tam pokazują Zagrzeb i w Zagrzebiu jest jakieś 300% więcej zakażeń, niż w innych regionach wszystko się układa Vinca w jedną całość.

    1. Po prostu promieniowanie alfa niszczy pluca. A ludzie zima wychodza na sloneczko i oddychaja pelna piersia w jego kierunku, cwicza biegaja itd czyli usta otwarte. Niestety teraz obok jest KIC i gdy jarzy to rowno ich pluca. A teraz po poludniu wschodzi Betelgeza i to samo. Wczoraj strzelala po prawie 47 rownolezniku i we Francji w w Vancouver w Kanadzie (po 2 w nocy Europie)..
      Jesli o calosci to zakaxony Walesa tez mi dal do myslenoa bo na linii Wilno - Kiel tez takie przechodzilo chyba na poczatku roku.
      Pleksa powinna wrocic na twarz. Tylko chyba ona daje ochrone przed promieniami alfa, bo te maseczki to chyba tylko przed tym. Co nam samoloty na glowe sypia

  8. No to juz wiem czemu zamykaja szkoly. Wystarczy zerknac na Prowansje (43 N) w miescie Aix piekne 0 a w historii nawet ponad 600 000 juz leci 3 godzine. Niech ktos ostrzeze Kaline, choc moze przestanie zanim Ziemia sie obroci Kanada na ten cel.
    Szanowni autorzy przepraszam Was za te prywate. Moze komentarze nie na temar nozecie potem pokasowac. Nie obraze sie. One sa wazne tu i teraz a potem nie musza wisiec.